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Our next reunion is April 25-28, 2017, at the Las Vegas Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

F-100 Flying Event

The Fort Wayne, IN, F-100 flying dates are May 19-22 (Thurs. until Sunday). We estimate two rides on Thursday, four on Friday and Saturday and another two on Sunday.

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Wild Weasel Jack” Donovan Honored with Fly By at Arlington National Cemetery (11/20/2015) - It was a beautiful morning in our Nation’s Capital 20 Nov 2015 and Jack Donovan’s Internment at Arlington National Cemetery had  a remarkable showing.  A son of a member of the Society of Wild Weasels captured the moment with an F-16 missing man four ship flown  by the McEntire ANGB F-16 Wild Weasel unit (157th FS). […]
Bud Day Honored in the National Aviation Hall of Fame (11/19/2015) - We’re honored to have Medal of Honor recipient and  Charter SSS member Bud Day selected for induction into the National Aviation Hall of Fame! Announcement made at NBAA Convention – October 2016 ceremony enshrines first Shuttle pilot, Medal of Honor recipient, NASA pioneer and former EAA leader (Las Vegas, NV – Nov. 18, 2015)  Today […]
What Was It Like To Be An Honest-To-God Test Pilot In The Good Old Days? Read SSSer Mick Greene’s New Book And Find Out (11/13/2015) - They say that you can be a bold pilot, or an old  pilot, but not an old, bold pilot.  But Mick Greene proved “them” wrong.  Dead  wrong.   But it is not unusual for Mick Greene to go against the grain— to do the unexpected.  After all, what can you expect from the youngest of a […]
“Desert Storm”: Airpower Comes of Age In Forty-Three Days, A Book Review by Ron Standerfer (11/8/2015) - The philosopher Thomas Hobbes once said, ‘life is nasty, brutish, and short”. Saddam Hussein must surely have thought the same thing during Operation Desert Storm. Nasty and brutish? Yes, probably. Remember “shock and awe?” But, as William Tecumseh Sherman once said, “war is hell.” And short? Mercifully so. The combat phase lasted just 43 days […]
Hot Dog, “The Intake” (Issue 29) Is on Its Way (11/4/2015) - EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA: Issue 29 of The Intake is at the Printer! The Fall 2015 edition of our journal is at the printer and should be mailed via USPS First Class (or not at all) on 10 November. Look for your copy soon thereafter, depending on how far away from Fort Worth, TX, you live […]
Fort Wayne F-100 Flight schedule May 19-22, 2016 (11/1/2015) - Flying dates are May 19-22 (Thurs. until Sunday). Dean Cutshall, estimate two rides on Thursday, four on Friday and Saturday and two on Sunday, The following SSS members who have signed up to fly in this clean F-100F at a cost $5,000 per person: Mark Berent Lou Silvestri Don Campbell Bill Lynch Roger Root John Stewart Don Ground Gary Silence […]
Fort Wayne Fly A Clean F-100F Event May ’16 (11/1/2015) - Make your reservations here for the event online at two Hotels (100′ apart) 50 rooms Hilton Garden Inn, at this link 50 rooms Homewood Suites, at this link Current attendees for the Fly A Clean F-100F Event in Ft. Wayne, IN. 19-22 May, 2016 JEFF “NED” SOLDNER JACK “RIPPER” COOK MIKE “SMOKEY” STOVER RAY KLEBER JIM SPEER […]
Col Robert A. Rasmussen Sr. Headed West (10/26/2015) - SSS member Col Robert A. Rasmussen, Age 81, of Austin, passed away Oct. 26, 2015. Service Nov. 4, 10 a.m. at Cook-Walden/Forest Oaks Funeral Home He was born  on July 31, 1934 in Galveston, TX. Bob is survived by his wife of 54 years, Jean Martin Rasmussen. Bob attended Ball High in Galveston, then transferred to […]
SSS Dues Increase Assures Our Legacy (10/1/2015) - Fellow Hun Jocks, Some of you may have anticipated this since it was brought up at the General Membership meeting in Dayton but, effective today, the SSS will be increasing dues to $35/yr. You will be “grandfathered” if you have prepaid for future years. The dues for 2015 remain at $25 but for 2016 and […]
Maj Gen John France Service, Monday 26 October 2015 (10/1/2015) - John is survived by his loving spouse Carole France SSS member John France Service Info: Monday 26 October 2015, Military Funeral Honors/Interment, 11:00am Arrive “Staging Area A” by 10:45am, Fort Logan National Cemetery, 4400 West Kenyon Avenue, Denver, Colorado  80236 303-761-0117 Memorial Service, 3:00pm, Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, 7711 East Academy Blvd., Denver, Colorado  80230-6929 303-360-5360  Arrive at “Staging Area A” by10:45am.  There […]

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