2015 Reunion Recap - Dayton, OH


2015 Reunion Recap

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335 Attended the 2015 Dayton Reunion
Plan for Las Vegas Gold Coast Hotel & Casino April 25, 2017

Air Combat Command’s Commander General J. Hawk Carlisle and wife Gillian enjoy the SSS dinner at the USAF Museum and the members enjoyed them. Gen. Carlisle’s speech, delivered amongst aircraft we flew, was the hit of the evening.

SSS CEO Hoppy Hopkins at the podium welcomes 335 of his best friends

General Hawk Carlisle and wife GillianCEO Hoppy HopkinsNational Museum United States Air Force

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Richard F. Kenney, with 4 kill’s as a LT, headed West (8/4/2015) -   SSS member, Richard F. Kenny 94, headed west December 11, 2014 in Coronado, CA. He flew for the Army Air Corps/US Air Force for 27 years, logging 6,000 flight hours that covered two wars. “Flying was my life,” he often said proudly. Dick Kenney also published his memoirs under the title, “Sailor, Soldier, Airman.” Following the […]
Check out the SSS Facebook page (7/26/2015) - The SSS now reaches out to hundreds of visitors each day through social media on a Facebook page that is linked to our newly revised website. Tell your social media savvy family members about it!
The Air Wars in Vietnam and Their Legacies (7/25/2015) - By Mark Clodfelter | July 01, 2015 For most of the world’s population, America’s air wars in Vietnam are now ancient history. The first U.S. bombing raids against North Vietnam, conducted in response to attacks by North Vietnamese patrol boats on the destroyer USS Maddox in the Tonkin Gulf, occurred a half-century ago this August. […]
F-100 lands at Oskosh EAA (7/24/2015) - Rusty Gideon’s son took a good video clip of Dean Cutter’s F-100 landing at Oskosh EAA.  
Dale Smith headed west (7/13/2015) - We just learned that Dale “DogEasy” Smith headed west Jan 17, 2015 after an unsuccessful bout with Cancer. He Served with the 90th TFS at Bien Hoa and was awarded at least one Silver Star, and was a SSS member (without a bio). Dale is survived by his wife Irene and lived in Springfield, VA. […]
John Robert “Chilly” Childers headed west (7/10/2015) - We just learned that Bob “Chilly” Childers, who flew the F-100 from 1959-61 with the 307th TFS at George AFB headed west on July 1st. His obituary and SSS bio are linked below. Obituary SSS Biography    
Gordon Young headed west (7/3/2015) - We just learned that Gordon “Gordy”  Young headed west on Thursday, July 2. He flew with the 174th TFS , in the 185th  TFG,  Sioux City IA  Air National Guard and deployed to Phu Cat, RVN as a “Bat” from 68-69. In 1968 Lt Col Gordon L. Young lead 129 airmen and 29 officers of the […]
Mick Greene Joins the Ranks of SSS Published Authors (6/30/2015) - The Life and Adventures of an Old Bold Pilot They say that there is no such thing as an old, bold pilot, but Mick Greene’s new autobiography proves “they “ are wrong. I know Mick and know that; 1) he is old–a month or so older than I–and 2) had to be bold (read that […]

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