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Fort Wayne F-100 Flyers Week – Sign Up for $100 Flight Lottery! (2/4/2016) -   Lottery details This lottery is to win a $5,000 ride in Dean Cutshall’s F-100F The drawing will be held on 19 May at the SSS buffet dinner at the Ft. Wayne Hilton Garden Inn.  The winner need not be present to win and is free to sell his ticket to another SSS aircrew member. Fifty lottery tickets […]
Updating our Super Sabre Society Website (1/31/2016) - We’re in the process of updating the SSS website, so it’s easier for members to see the latest updates,  event plans, and social media connections. Please let me know your impressions of this new design, by using this link. Cheers! Win Reither SSS CIO    
Air National Guard Started a Legacy in 1968 (1/9/2016) - During his confirmation hearing before Congress in 1973, USAF general, George S. Brown, who had commanded the 7th Air Force during the Vietnam war, stated that five of the best Super Sabre squadrons in Vietnam were from the ANG.[19] This included the 120th Tactical Fighter Squadron (120 TFS) of the Colorado Air National Guard, the […]
Dick Rutan and Daughter Jill Rutan Hoffman At Mojave Air and Space Port (1/3/2016) - Posted: Saturday, January 2, 2016 12:00 pm By Kane Wickham Mojave – Last Saturday’s Plane Crazy event at the Mojave Air and Space Port was one for the books and certainly well worth the time for any and all who did attend a very special Christmas edition of the monthly aviation event. None other than Jill Rutan Hoffman, the […]
Happy New Year (1/1/2016) - Happy New Year to all members of the Super Sabre Society and your families. Some of our older Super Sabre Society members sat alert over the New Year on bitterly cold airfields in Korea meeting MiGs further north, performing close air support and rescue. After Korea, there was the beginning of the Cold War, sitting […]
Ben Boyer, Former Sioux City ANG Ops Officer Headed West (12/18/2015) - Super Sabre Society member Lt. Col Benton “Ben” Boyer (93) from Hawarden, Iowa,  headed west on December 17th. Ben  was a resident of the Hillcrest Health Care for the past 14 years. Memorial Mass of Christian Burial will be held 2:00 p.m. Monday, December 28, 2015 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Hawarden. Burial will […]
Bud Day Honored in the National Aviation Hall of Fame (11/19/2015) - We’re honored to have Medal of Honor recipient and  Charter SSS member Bud Day selected for induction into the National Aviation Hall of Fame! Announcement made at NBAA Convention – October 2016 ceremony enshrines first Shuttle pilot, Medal of Honor recipient, NASA pioneer and former EAA leader (Las Vegas, NV – Nov. 18, 2015)  Today […]
What Was It Like To Be An Honest-To-God Test Pilot In The Good Old Days? Read SSSer Mick Greene’s New Book And Find Out (11/13/2015) - They say that you can be a bold pilot, or an old  pilot, but not an old, bold pilot.  But Mick Greene proved “them” wrong.  Dead  wrong.   But it is not unusual for Mick Greene to go against the grain— to do the unexpected.  After all, what can you expect from the youngest of a […]

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