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Our next reunion is April 25, 2017 at the Las Vegas Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Last year, Air Combat Command leader General J. Hawk Carlisle and wife Gillian enjoy the SSS dinner at the USAF Museum. Hawk Carlisle’s speech, delivered amongst aircraft we flew, was the hit of the evening.

General Hawk Carlisle and wife GillianNational Museum United States Air Force

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James “Dick” Hale Headed West (8/22/2015) -               SSS member James Henry “Dick” Hale, 66, headed west August 16 while flying a BAE Systems T-39 SabreLiner involved in a midair collision near San Diego. His family was in the process of a move to Kentucky when the accident occurred and is survived by his wife Sandy, […]
SSS members have the opportunity to fly an F-100 next summer (8/18/2015) -   Some SSS members will have the opportunity to fly the F-100 in Ft Wayne, IN next summer, and one member has committed $5K to reserve a flight!   The event includes the option for a limited number of SSS members to fly Dean Cutshall’s F-100F. The rides, which normally cost $10,000 are discounted at […]
Roland Korte headed west (8/16/2015) - September 8, 1930 – August 10, 2015 SSS member Roland Walter Korte Lt. Col. (USAF Ret.)  took his final flight on August 10, 2015. He was born on the family farm near Leigh, Nebraska on September 8, 1930 to Lydia and Rudolph Korte. He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Joan Marston Korte. […]
The F-100 Super Sabre “Funny Looking at First” (8/15/2015) -   The F-100 Super Sabre: Funny-Looking at First By Robert F. Dorr Air ace and test pilot George “Wheaties” Welch looks out from the first YF-100 Super Sabre (52-5754) on October 12, 1954. Author Robert F. Dorr received an 8×10″ print of this image in 1954 and does not recall ever seeing it in print. […]
Lynn Farnsworth’s first Misty shoot-down ….and Birthday (8/8/2015) -   note…while we’re waiting to make caterpillar entries, here’s Lynn Farnsworth’s detailed story MY FIRST MISTY SHOOT DOWN. 19 JAN 1970 (BACK IN THE UNITED STATES THIS WAS 18 JAN 1970. 18 JAN IS MY BIRTHDAY) On 19 January 1970 Captain Dan Brown and I were fragged for a Misty mission along the Ho Chi […]
Richard F. Kenney, with 4 Kill’s as a LT, Headed West (8/4/2015) -   SSS member, Richard F. Kenny 94, headed west December 11, 2014 in Coronado, CA. He flew for the Army Air Corps/US Air Force for 27 years, logging 6,000 flight hours that covered two wars. “Flying was my life,” he often said proudly. Dick Kenney also published his memoirs under the title, “Sailor, Soldier, Airman.” Following the […]
Check out the SSS Facebook page (7/26/2015) - The SSS now reaches out to hundreds of visitors each day through social media on a Facebook page that is linked to our newly revised website. Tell your social media savvy family members about it!
The Air Wars in Vietnam and Their Legacies (7/25/2015) - By Mark Clodfelter | July 01, 2015 For most of the world’s population, America’s air wars in Vietnam are now ancient history. The first U.S. bombing raids against North Vietnam, conducted in response to attacks by North Vietnamese patrol boats on the destroyer USS Maddox in the Tonkin Gulf, occurred a half-century ago this August. […]

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